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The Oil and Gas industry introduced in 2018 a medical assessment for the fitness for in‐water EBS training, otherwise known as a Fit to Train Medical.
The Fit to Train Medical ensures that an individual risk assessment is carried out and identifies any medical conditions that may put one at risk of barotrauma.
The Fit to Train Medical will classify trainees as either ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ for in‐water EBS training.
We shall provide documentary confirmation of fitness status, for employers and training providers.
What To Expect if you are attending a Fit to Train Medical?
This medical is usually undertaken at the same time with an OGUK Medical but may also be carried out on its own.
You should expect to:

  • Complete a specific questionnaire and clarify any answers
  • If you have a history of relevant medical condition(s), physical examination of the respiratory and/or ENT systems, and/or performance of lung function tests where relevant, may be carried out.

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