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Substance misuse is a widespread issue for most industries and has significant consequences for an individual.


Substance misuse may include alcohol, illicit drugs, over the counter medication or prescribed medication. Misuse of such substances may impair an individual’s health, safety, judgment and job performance. Such an individual may put at risk not just his own health and safety but that of his colleagues and also the company reputation.


All companies should have a Substance Misuse Policy in place and in some countries it is a legal requirement. We help companies develop its policies and supporting procedures when managing Substance Misuse in the Workplace.


ROC Health staff have significant experience not just in screening individuals for substance misuse but in managing such individuals to better health and back into work.


We provide 24 hours, 365 days per year, for cause drug an alcohol testing to our clients as well as routine testing part of medicals or in line with clients’ internal policies.


We use chain of custody standards in all our screening procedures.

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