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Our Story

Dr Cristina Romete created ROC Health Services and ROC Private Clinic in 2010, with a vision of creating a healthcare company that meets the needs of individuals and employers alike, with the scope, expertise and resources to provide the highest possible standard of care and service.

Since we first opened in 2010 in the heart of London’s Harley Street Medical District, we continuously reinvested in our people, facilities and clients.

In 2014, we first opened an office in Aberdeen Scotland, specifically to meet unmet local demands in the Offshore Occupational and Private Health Sectors. We expanded further at this location, and 5 years since we first put a foot in Aberdeen, we are ready to expand further and challenge the existing healthcare market at this location and within the Oil and Gas Industry.

ROC currently delivers services from our clinics in London – Harley Street and Aberdeen – Westhill and via our UK wide network of consultants. Our consultant partners are carefully vetted and they deliver the services in line with ROC’s Clinical Governance and Quality Commitment processes.

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