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Whether you are looking to recruit new personnel or when managing your existing workforce, you have a legal obligation to ensure your employees are fit to carry out their job.

Some Fit to Work Medicals are a legislative requirement whilst others can be a company specific requirement.


At ROC Health whether you are an individual or a company you can book one of the following Fit to Work Medicals:

Pre-Placement Health Screening is an important part of any recruitment system. As well as being good management practice, all employers have a statutory obligation to ensure that the person they employ for a particular job is fit to carry it out.


Around three to ten per cent of all new employees will have some form of health concern. ROC Health Services help to detect such problems during the recruitment process and can advise on compliance with disability provisions in the Equality Act.


We tailor a medical questionnaire for your potential employee that is focused on the needs of your particular workforce. We will also establish a management protocol for your recruitment procedures. ROC Health will issue the employer with a fitness for work certificate within two working days of receipt of the questionnaire and make recommendations if the individual is not deemed fit for the role they have applied for.


A pre-placement medical examination can also be carried out to determine the applicant’s suitability for the post. This could be recommended after reviewing the pre-placement questionnaire or could form a standard part of the employer’s recruitment process.


Our service is flexible to the requirements of a client’s business and always ensures that any legal obligations are met.

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